Workshop Descriptions


SoulCollage® is a process developed by Seena Frost of Santa Cruz, CA. By selecting images from magazines and other sources and then moving around the images until they seem to fit together, we can gain valuable information about what is going on for us on the heart and soul level.  This process involves the use of both the right brain (images) and then the left brain (words to explain) and therefore often gives us access to surprising internal information.  

We are grateful for the artists who create these images and allow us this opportunity to use them for personal healing purposes. Although SoulCollage® cards can be made at any time, it is especially powerful to make cards together with other women.  It is a fun process, no artistic talent needed, and everyone leaves the class knowing something new about herself or being validated for things she already knew.  Sharing SoulCollage® is also a wonderful way to build community with folks who already know each other.


InterPlay is an active, creative way to unlock the wisdom of your body. It is a practice based on the premise that play helps people unlock parts of themselves they may have psychologically buried.
(Marci Rau is a Certified InterPlay Leader and will be co-leading the workshop on September 29, 2018).

Manzanita SoulCollage® Class and Retreat

Each September, women from the East Wind Ceremonies  community travel to the lovely small town of Manzanita, OR located on the Oregon Coast.  Kathryn King leads a SoulCollage® class and offers expanded study during an optional overnight retreat.  There is the opportunity to attend just the class on Saturday or to attend the entire weekend in a rented house on the beach.

Taking a Sneak Peak at Death


Class Details

This class is for beginners and advanced SoulCollagers! Since death is a big topic and frightening for many, we will allow our inner wisdom to choose images and put together cards that will let us ease towards the facing of our own mortality.

The Contemplative Arts Center is the perfect place to allow poetry and meditation to encourage us to explore our deepest hearts.  You will be in excellent company, a circle of women who are dedicated to their own path of growing.

Join us at the beach where we can all breathe a little bit deeper!

Harvesting Our Inner Gifts


Class Details

Imagine a day when a group of like-hearted women gather to look for the buried treasure within! We will weave together images (SoulCollage®) and the use of our voices and bodies to learn new things about ourselves. You will go home with SoulCollage® cards that you have made. No artistic or athletic experience is needed! Just arrive with an open heart and the willingness to  meet your inner Muse.

Please note; We will share a potluck lunch together.

Giving Voice to Our Personal Ghosts / Demons/ Shadows


Class Details

 Since this is an advanced SoulCollage® class, you will be asked to bring some SC cards you have already made in previous classes or on your own.  It is assumed that you are well familiar with the making and reading of cards.  The idea of this class will be to work with the opposites of some of our "positive cards".

If you are unsure if you are "advanced" enough to participate, please contact Kathryn directly. This will be a supportive and Sacred Circle. Together we will create a simple ceremony at the end of the day to embrace the "ghosts" we have uncovered!

About Us


Celebrate Ground Hogs Day

Perhaps we can model for the ground hogs that seeing oneself in the shadow of the sun is an opportunity for growth instead of a cause to run and hide!!

It’s a new year and let’s begin by making friends with parts of ourselves we don't especially care for. Lets also remember that sometimes our finest qualities are hanging out in the shadows and may need to be coaxed out! In a supportive Circle of women, complete with poetry, sharing, and Soul Collage®, you will have the opportunity to take your Soul Collage® cards to a new and powerful level.

New Years Day Celebration

Our annual New Years Day Event is a great way to start off the New Year! Join a gathering of awesome women in a simple ceremony to release the past year and jump into the process of making a  SoulCollage®  card to start off the New Year. We share a fun potluck lunch together, using music and poetry to set the stage, and then create powerful  intentions for the year ahead.  This is a favorite annual event for many  of us!

Creative Expression

All women are creative and need the support and space to create!  Join us for a variety of classes which may include  art journaling, acrylic painting, mixed media art, wire work and beading, and prayer flags.  We are not interested in producing ART but rather being free to express our inner creative energy.

Creating Prayers of Peace Flags


Class Details

If you have never made your own Prayer flags, you are in for a big treat! Blank flags of muslin material will be provided for you so that you can design  your own set of 5 flags. We will use stencils, ink, markers, stamps and other creative material.

Once we are finished with our flags we will bless them and send them home with you. It will be your job to find the perfect place to have your prayers blowing in the breeze! No artistic experience needed.  All materials will be supplied and 50% of proceeds will go to Open Hands Community Project for at risk children in South Africa.