Is Therapy Right for You?

Individual Therapy

See Kathryn for individual therapy if you are in a transition in your life, have somehow lost your way or are stuck in depression, anxiety, grief or confusion.  Therapy provides a safe container to explore both your heartaches and your hopes and dreams and is a place to tell your story and be heard without judgment.

Kathryn  will listen with an open heart and help you begin putting the pieces back together when you are ready. Because she is dedicated to her own spiritual growth and practices, she is personally steeped in this process of transforming.  She will believe in you, hold space for you and help you find your way back to your True Self.
Hourly fee: $100.00 (several sliding fee slots available)

Schedule a free 30 minute consultation with KK to see if, together, you will be the
right match for this important work.



Indvidual Therapy

"You are such an accepting person. Your presence is a sturdy place where a person feels able to go to an emotional place and know that it is safe.  I hadn’t cried about my mom in a long time. Thank you for helping me get there with just the right questions and presence you offer of love and  acceptance. This is what makes you such an amazing therapist".   Barb  R.


Therapy and Circles

"Kathryn King has been absolutely crucial to my spiritual and mental health for the past five years of ordained ministry. She brings creativity, insight, challenge and compassion to her work with groups, and individuals. Within her monthly circle for clergywomen, I feel a profound sense of her deep call to this ministry - she holds us, as we seek to hold others, in light and love".  Lauri C.


Men's Therapy

 "I've worked with Kathryn King on and off over the better part of the  last two decades. Over that time she has worked diligently and patiently  with me to help me grow into being the best father, husband, brother,  friend, and colleague that I am capable of being. I'm forever indebted  to her for the help and commitment she's made to fostering my growth. I  can honestly say that I would not be in the same solid place I am today  had it not been for her guidance."  Sam G.