Kathryn King


Kathryn King grew up in Portland, Oregon with her adoptive parents and 2 brothers. She performed her first ceremony when she was about 7 years old. The family house had a huge picture window and birds were constantly flying into the window, oftentimes dying in the process. Without anyone telling her what to do, she would wrap the tiny birds in fabric and carry them to the side of the yard. There she would have a little burial and the bird would be lovingly put to rest under a carefully constructed cross made of sticks. There were always tears and the ceremony was carried out with much seriousness. 

Now as an adult, Kathryn has returned to her childhood love of honoring life through the use of ceremony. Not only does she officiate wedding ceremonies, but she also incorporates ceremony into all aspects of her personal and professional life. For example it is a powerful process to write down all that we wish to release in our lives, burn what we have written and then allow the ashes to return to the earth to be transformed.

Kathryn trained as a Clinical Social Worker at PSU. She has been in private practice in the Portland/Vancouver area for the past 30 years. As a therapist, she has worked extensively with individuals and couples who are facing transitions such as marriage, divorce, births, deaths, relocation etc. She raised two daughters, ages 37 and 39 and now has 6 beautiful grandchildren!

In 1997 Kathryn became a Licensed Minister in order to perform meaningful wedding ceremonies for couples who were looking for a spiritual rather than religious wedding. She has been performing a wide variety of ceremonies ever since. Kathryn combines a deep understanding of the psychological with an openness to all spiritual paths. After a great deal of preparation, she was ordained as an Interfaith Minister in October of 2010 through Anam Cara Connections. You will find her easy to talk to and someone who has a genuine interest in helping you on your journey.

Kathryn trained directly with Seena Frost, the creator of SoulCollage®, in 2008 and now uses this amazing process personally and professionally. SoulCollage® has been a wonderful way of combining creativity, building community, and doing meaningful spiritual work. Please check out the official SoulCollage® web site at http://www.soulcollage.com

Kathryn lives in Vancouver, WA with her husband and Rosa and Simon, their beloved Austrailian Shepherds. She now has 6 beautiful grandchildren to spoil! Kathryn loves nature, especially the ocean and enjoys the company of good friends. She currently volunteers as the Care Team Advisor for Open Hands Community Project in Cape Town South Africa.  (www.openhandscommunityproject.org)  She has turned into quite the world traveler lately and is pictured below with Luna the Sea Lion in Mexico, a lively artist in Honduras, and granddaughter, Bekah, in South Africa!